Role - Social Media Manger Intern, Apr 2020 - Aug 2020 

Tools - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, FaceBook, Trello

About - SickBird Productions is a production company based out of Los Angeles, California. During my internship, I helped lead and run their Instagram strategy and overall future digital planning, with full inclusivity.

Brief Vision Overview

My role as SickBird's Social Media Manager was to re-launch and establish SickBird's Instagram using their branding guide, to help set a consistent foundation for their future social media presence. The ultimate vision was to help highlight SickBird's work and clients, while also gaining attention through fostering a community of creators. 


Some fun projects I got to help create and lead include a Creator Feature series, a SickBird Creator Highlight series, and I also initiated a new potential WeTransfer advertisement campaign. 


Throughout my time at SickBird, I was able to gain the attention of many well-established creators through SickBird's social media, including Brandon Woelfel (close to a combined 4M Instagram followers), Jordi Koalitic (almost 4M Instagram followers, and DenisThePhotoholic (over 600K followers and over 5M likes on TikTok).



Instagram Stories: Branding

I was provided with a branding guide (including a colour palette and gradient backdrop pattern) when I started my internship. I then created a variety of content on social media to help maintain that branding and tone.


Here's a brief look into the process I took on, week from week, to ensure that SickBird's Instagram content was kept up to date and matched branding guidelines, such as colour, tone, and voice. A sample of the content calendar I created can also be viewed here.

Instagram Feed: Organic Posts

Below are a few examples of organic posts I created for SickBird's Instagram, including a video I re-created with updated branding assets (colours, images, music).

Instagram Stories / Filters